Here is another example of prime factorization 200.
This is the Prime Factorization for 200.

Here is another example where we found the prime factorization of 45.
When we find the prime factorization of a number we can show it two different ways. The first way is to list out all the factors like we have been doing in the examples.
The second way is to use exponents to show the repeated factors.
It is called
Prime Factorization with Exponential Notation.
For example the prime factorization of 45 is 3 x 3 x 5, but we can write it using an exponent as 32 x 5.
200= 2•2•2•5•5 or 23 • 52
105= 3•5•7 and that is it because we don't use exponents when the factors aren't repeating.

So now I hope I have taught
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