Our place value is set up on the idea of base 10. This means that, "Anytime we have ten of anything we package." That means that the highest number we can have in any place value is a nine. Once we reach ten or more of a place value, we package it up to the next place and leave the left overs behind. On the example of the place value chart below you can see that there is a nine in the hundred millions place and an eight in the ten millions place. If we were to add 3 more ten millions, or thirty-million, we would have to do some packaging. The 8 ten millions plus 3 ten millions would give us 11 ten millions. Since we have more than ten we need to package. That means we have 1 more hundred million and 1 ten million left over. Since our new hundred million will make the 9 turn into 10 we have to package that also. This time 9 hundred millions plus 1 hundred million makes 10 hundred millions. This means we have to package them into a 1 billion and add it to the 1 billion we already have. This would make the new number look like this. 672,012,467,351