There are two really easy ways to find the LCM. The first way is to use a list of multiples.

Step1- First look at the problem.

Step2 - Use times tables to see what the multiples for the first number are by multiplying the number by 1, and then 2, and then 3, and so on until you have a list of 6 to 12 multiples.

Step3 - Do the same thing for the second number. You can stop whenever you see that the answers in the lists are the same number. Like how you can see how we circled 60 because 6x10= 60 and 12x5= 60 so now you can write your answer.

Step4 - Now you have found the LCM for 10 and 12. The number you have circled is the LCM. If you make both the list to twelve multiples and you don't find any matches, then you can add more multiples to the list or try the factor fruit method.

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